Musician for hire, Live Music: Singer, Guitar, Fretless and Fretted Bass Guitar, Ukulele. Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues.
Savannah, GA
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Greetings Ya'll!


Lockdowns are easing up, gigs are reappearing. Upcoming solo shows as well as bass gigs playing with Guns-4-Hire, and John Tisbert.  And with a couple gigs with Bill Smith, I'm breaking into the Savannah jazz scene! My bass chops are very happy.  Click the upcoming shows for details.  And I was featured on WRUU's "Savannah's Music:  Local and Sustainable" radio show hosted by Dave Lake.  That link is on the "Listen" page.  It's a big feather in my cap.  Thanks to Dave Lake and WRUU.

I've posted a ton of new videos from home, including some epic Billy Joel.  Click on the Youtube icon above, sit back, and enjoy.  The Soundcloud icon will steer you towards older live shows.  Much more recorded music including a free download of my CD "The Fundus Among Us" on the "Listen" page.

And dig my new Dr.K logo!  Stickers of which are now available!  Stickers, man! How cool is that?!?


Dr. K


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